Joe Honings


What are your responsibilities with the IGS?

I serve as a hydrogeologist and geophysicist with responsibilities related to groundwater quality, monitoring, modeling, and aquifer exploration.

What are your research/project interests?

My interests include water resource sustainability, groundwater flow and quality, karst processes, and geophysical applications to hydrogeologic questions.

How can your research in your areas of interest improve the quality of life in Iowa?

My research aims to improve knowledge, management and quality of Iowa’s water resources. 

What is your academic and professional background?

I earned my BS in Environmental Science with a geoscience focus from the University of Iowa, an MS in Hydrogeology from Illinois State University, and a PhD in Geology from Louisiana State University. I worked for an environmental consulting company in Ankeny for three years between my BS and MS.

At about what age and why did you decide to become a geologist/scientist?

My first interests in geology came from looking for fossils and gemstones in my yard as a kid. My passion grew during my coursework at Iowa, and I decided to be a hydrogeologist while working on a sustainable agricultural watersheds project in the India Winterim program as a senior.

What field activity is your favorite?

I enjoy investigating the subsurface through well installations, bore holes, and geophysical surveys.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy time with my family, staying active with weightlifting and basketball, playing guitar, and trying my best as an amateur BBQ chef.